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The major idea to start this channel is to explain every concept in detail (LEARNING CONCEPTS PERFECTLY HELPS TO SOLVE ANY PROBLEM EASILY). We explain each and every sub topic separately,so viewers can watch the specific video in which they have doubts. And also we provide Solutions for different types of problems for a particular concept for IIT JEE ,NEET,IIT JAM and other M.Sc entrance examinations.

Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) as Oxidising and Reducing Agent(Very Important for JEE & NEET)

In this lecture behavior of Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) as Oxidising and Reducing Agent in Acidic & Basic medium is explained in simple way.It is very important for IIT and NEET and other entrance examina

Relationship Molarity, Molality & Density of a solution

In this lecture Molality, Molarity and density relationship is explained with derivation in simple way.

Racemic Mixture & Racemization

In this lecture Racemic Mixture & Racemization explained with suitable examples


This video contains how to remember seven crystal systems in systemic order and relationship between edge lengths & angles

Delta Bond Formation by d-Orbitals

In this lecture delta bond formation by d-Orbitals is explained